NOVA COACHING offers psychometric evaluations as well as various approaches enabling transformational experience and facilitating the integration of new processes in the everyday working life. Indeed, once the coaching objectives or HR interventions are established, several psychometric tools and/or programs are available to participants. These can be used at the beginning, mid-term or end of the process, and help accelerate the awareness and actuation toward desired goals.



  • Emotional Intelligence Coach and Certified EQ Assessor from Six Seconds (EQ Psychometric Profile and 360)
  • Certified MPO (CREACOR) Consultant – Human Capital Management (Personality Inventory)
  • Certified Birkman Analyst – Behaviours, Needs and Stress (Psychometric Profile)
  • Licensed Coach – “Le leadership, au coeur du capital humain” from Coaching de gestion
  • Certified Leadership360 Development – MRG (LEA Feedback 360)
  • Codevelopment according to the Method from Payette and Champagne
  • IDW (CREACOR) – Interactive Dynamics in the Workplace – Team Building
  • Certified Conflict Management Coach (Nonflict way method) from Million Peacemakers

Lysanne Bruneau also holds the accreditation of trainer by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the purpose of application of the Act to Promote Workforce Skills, Development and Recognition.