NOVA COACHING offers executive and management coaching services, specialized in business management for senior leadership teams, senior and intermediary managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who oversee business processes and interact with other human beings. We are focused on helping leaders grow in ability and expand their sphere of influence. We support our clients in developing their skills in a wide array of areas including change management, time and priority management, conflict management, emotional intelligence and team leadership.


The role of a professional coach is to help people reach their objectives faster and more efficiently, using a dynamic and creative approach to researching strategies that are meaningful to them. Guiding the coachee from reflection to decision-making, and then to action with courage, resilience and authenticity, while remaining true to their own values, remains the cornerstone.

Coaching is a conversation oriented toward objectives and an action plan.


Coaching requires the client to sincerely get involved and is based on a trusting relationship.


Coaching requires adequate knowledge of the context and involves for the client to get out of his comfort zone and push his limits.


Coaching is a motor to stimulate individual development!