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My Commitment

Coaching is one of the great projects of my life.

Coaching made me a better person; it made me want to listen to hear people I meet. It makes me push myself and brings happiness into my life. But how did I get there?

I had a few lives, like a cat. I happened to fall a few times and I got back on my feet because I had the feeling I wanted to do something bigger. I did not know what it was back then but the feeling was that I wanted to give to others even if I did not understand that I had to give to myself first to be able to succeed at the time.

Then one day, I had to face my biggest challenge, myself. Sometimes, things we did not plan happen and we do not have any other choice than to be confronted with reality. The door opened.

I set foot in it and I understood that I had to get involved in a bigger cause than my own. How could I make happiness happen around me? How could I help people grow and become stronger? Without vanishing into their reality?

I was also able to put words on what I was feeling inside, what wanted to get out: “I want to support, nurture and inspire people to become better human beings so that they can in turn share the best of themselves with their relatives, friends and colleagues.”

In writing these words, I realize that it is like creating a practice of happiness… “Happiness is the only thing that doubles if you share.” Albert Schweitzer

A bit like Stephen Hecht and Amir Kfir, from the Million Peacemakers foundation, who work to get one million people to practice non-violence with their coaching method called the “Nonflict Way”; or like Joshua Freedman who work with his team and the Six Seconds Network in coaching to get one billion people to practice emotional intelligence.

By putting everything together, we can change the world and this is what I would like to share with you: It is by changing each one of us that we will be able to do so. Coaching is one of the most effective methods that I have ever found. It not only works but also transforms people who engage in the process; and the transformation remains.

All together, this is why today I launch this website. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the methods I use. It will be my pleasure to simply talk with you.


A few resources:
NONFLICT, The Art of Everyday Peacemaking, Itasca Books, 2016
Million Peacemakers
At the Heart of Leadership, Joshua Freedman, Six Seconds Press, 2007, 2012
Six Seconds

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