“Lysanne immediately seized my personality and was able to rapidly establish trust. I immediately understood that I had the chance to work with an experimented and proven professional. Doing so, my coaching approach took place with openness and very successfully. Lysanne has a great sense of listening. She prompted me to ask myself the right questions and lavished sound feedback. This approach has been very beneficial to me. And months later, what I have learned still serves me well.”

Consulting Director, Government Corporation – Public Affairs, Financial Sector


“Through the discussions I had with Lysanne, I was able to recognize some behaviors and find concrete solutions to mitigate them. As an example, I have greatly improved my emotions management when faced with stressful situations. Lysanne’s coaching also brought my strategic thinking to a higher level. I now understand much better the political games, which allows me to use them to my advantage while remaining authentic. In short, I am now much better equipped to achieve my career goals and develop myself within my organization. Thank you Lysanne!”

Senior Advisor, Government Corporation – Investment, Financial Sector


“Further to my coaching program with Lysanne, I can honestly say that her guidance and experience have greatly help me keep on track with my objectives. Her great capacity to listen and raise key questions at the right time during our meetings helped me concentrate on these objectives. I can now become a better leader because I understand myself better, because I can focus better and finally, I can more easily relate to the important values and qualities that can positively impact my leadership over time. For all of these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend her!”

Director – Manufacturing Industry


“This was my first coaching experience and my take away was really important. Although it has not been easy for me to open up or to admit some aspects of my personality, this personal approach helped me conciliate my strengths with my weaknesses, my interests with my real needs, and opened my eyes on my full potential to exercise my leadership and influence my colleagues. Today, I feel that I am better equipped to accommodate the different challenges and opportunities that arise in my everyday. As well, I am more willing to go ahead and get out of my comfort zone to continue to progress in my professional and personal journey.”

Consulting Director, Government Corporation – Financial Sector


“Lysanne’s coaching has been more than reassuring for me. Having accepted a new challenge where I had to fulfill the role of three general managers for one organization, she enabled me to calm down, helped me put my priorities in order. Lysanne knows how to help me find my own solutions through her very precise questions. Being disciplined herself, she knows how to help me stay disciplined in order to focus. It is also very reassuring to know she is one step away when I need her.”

General Manager – Hospitality and Tourism


“My coaching experience with Lysanne allowed me to realize where I was in my evolution and especially to take action to go where I wanted to go. Lysanne is a coach who listens, who knows “what” question to ask, to bring the reflection to another level. She definitely played a key role in a pivotal year at the professional level in my career, helping me take a step back to have a different perspective on situations and to do the right thing the right way, to achieve the goals that I set for myself.”

Consulting Director, Government Corporation – IT, Financial Sector


“Lysanne was quickly able to make me realize where I was at this moment and time in my career and where I really wanted to go. She made me reflect on different ways to reach my objectives and offered various tools to do so. There are no miracle recipes but Lysanne has an exceptional sense to make us initiate a work of introspection, guide and support our approach in a structured way. This approach has allowed me to make enormous progress in my career, on a professional and personal level. Lysanne will always remain a leading resource for me and I will not hesitate to recommend her services.”

Director, Government Corporation Financial Sector


“I was fortunate to be accompanied by Lysanne in a coaching experience. Her listening and support as well as her always relevant questions have led me into a constructive reflection process after which I was able to take concrete actions to achieve goals both professional and personal. And no doubt her invaluable contribution allowed me to DARE!”
Senior Advisor, Government Corporation – Financial Sector